24-25 september

Assy Bartogay

The most popular mountain route

The route passes through the picturesque places of Ile-Alatau National Park. We will ascend by cars along the Turgen Gorge to the upper point, to the Astronomical Observatory of Assy. From this point will be the start of the bicycle part. The bicycle part goes along the high-mountainous plateau of Assy from the western part to the east. Assy plateau reaches a height up to 3000 meters above sea level, it is famous for its beautiful landscapes - photo lovers can enrich their collection with the excellent shots!
Overnight stay will be held in a small gorge hidden among the mountains on the meadows along a small river. On the second day we have to climb a pass, from which we'll have about 20 km of descent to the shore of Bartogay reservoir, where the finish point of the bicycle part of the route will be.

2 days


70 km



difficulty level


DAY 1.
6:00 - Loading and leaving town. We leave early to avoid traffic jams at the exit of the city.
8:30 - 9:30 We drive through picturesque Turgen Gorge.
10:00 Arrival at the observatory, which is situated on the Assy plateau. Breakfast. Preparing for the biking part.
11:30 - Start of the biking part.
11:30 - 18:00 Cycling part along the plateau with stops at interesting places to make photos.
photos. Closer to 18:00 overnight stay at the creek, where we set up field camp. Dinner. Bonfire. Free time.

8:00 - Rise, breakfast, camp.
11:00 - Bike trip to Bartogaj lake. It is possible to get to the pass by car.
13:00 - Cycling descent to the lake Bartogaj ≈15 km.
14:00 - Finish of the route. We pack up and head in the direction of the city. On the way back we have dinner in the cafe in the Baiseit village.
19:00 - 20:00 - Arrival in Almaty.

  • Price:

    Assy Bartogay 2 days
  • transportation of participants and bicycles to the start of the cycle route and back to the city
  • full car escort on the route
  • bike mechanic with an extended set of tools
  • bike guide accompanying the participants on the cycling part of the route
  • cook services and meals on the route (except meals in a cafe)
  • environmental fees at the entrance to national natural parks
  • general tourist equipment: tables, chairs, dishes, tent, dining tent, washbasin, gas burners
  • Eating at a cafe where we plan to stop on trips
  • Bicycle rental if you don't have your own
  • Renting a tent if you don't have your own

You can rent a bike from us. Or you can ride the whole route in your seat in a minibus, it's a little more boring than by bike, but you'll see all the same places and sights.


Cost of renting a bicycle:

  • hardtail

  • double suspension bike

  • Bike
  • Tent, sleeping bag, mat
  • Helmet, cycling gloves and optional other protection
  • Individual first aid kit (if there are diseases)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water flask
  • Bicycle backpack
  • Windbreaker, raincoat
  • Clothing according to the weather for the active part and for the evening time in the camp
  • Comfortable shoes for the active part, as well as change of shoes
  • Identity document (always have with you, many routes run through the border areas and there may be checks)
  • Fast carbs while pedaling

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